About Jake

“The most dangerous phrase in the language is, We’ve Always Done it This Way”

—Grace Hopper

I build business models and accelerate growth. It really is that simple. I support teams both big and small to gain clarity around their business model and value proposition; then support them to execute and accelerate their growth goals through executive leadership, coaching, training and strategic consulting.

Executive Leadership

I have held several executive positions throughout multiple industries. I’ve implemented a field operation for a national media company throughout California and Hawaii, helped build a service division of a national contractor throughout the Southwest and currently serving as CEO of the Grand Slam Ventures group of marketing companies transitioning a group of commercial printers into a leading print technology company.

Coaching & Training

One on one or with a team, I approach coaching much like I approach building business models. Let’s identify your brand and your value proposition then let’s leverage it to the tilt. My goal is to identify your strengths and build support around your blind-spots. I use a variety of approaches perfected through over 10 years of working with leading coaches from around the world. We will gain clarity around your style and build the tools and practices to make you the most effective leader or team possible.

Strategic Consulting

Have a specific challenge you are looking to solve? I come to the table with a tool box of skills and experiences and have one goal in mind; create value for you! Let’s work together to build a model or plan to accomplish that strategic goal that is keeping you up at night.

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